2016 The Fall...ing down ride

It started off as a great post college ride... and I lost it in the trees. In my defence it was really tight single track on a bike that I'm just beginning to learn how to use, but in this case it got the better of me.

The hill is steeper than it looks, and I was sort of hung up, trying to turn right from a stop and head down and back to hook up with a trail a bit lower down the hill that I'd missed due to fallen trees and crossing the brook at a low spot. I'd let the clutch out and given it a bit too much gas, and down she went, with a quick tuck and roll for the operator. Nothing damaged but my pride. 

I injured nothing but my pride.

Balaclava Road looking North

The colours are just fantastic this time of year.

The obligatory bike shit

I like this one better


2016 The Fundy Bay Fall Colours Ride

It all starts with a hearty breakfast, then a hearty lunch, followed by a... Perhaps you get the picture now, and might have an inkling as to why riding a motorcycle for 500 kilometres and 10 hours might not have an impact on my ability to fit into shrinking riding gear, although I will be the first to admit that while finding one is losing weight is a wonderful thing, the realization that ones heated gear no longer functions at peak operating efficiency can be bit hard to bare in this colder climate.

The breakfast... Anna's Country Kitchen in Crapaud PEI...

Fuel for the riders, then fuel for the rides

We headed over the bridge then